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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Jonah View Post
And what is to become of the council once its term is served?

Are they to live in a quarantine of a higher dimension?
Ah yes, sorry I missed this question Jonah!

They are in quarantine now before the transfomation or metamorphosis for a better term.
With the transformation thay will render the twosidedness of the omnispacetime mirror as onesided.

This is a precise mathematical and topological transformation, which you can analyse in studying the Moebius Strip embedded as a onesided surface in a 3D space and that of a Klein-Bottle as a 2-dimensional surface embedded in 4-dimensional space, as the latter cannot be embedded in 3-dimensional space like the Moebius strip.

In simpler terms, this means that the 12D 'outside' universe will be able to connect to its 'inside' universe in the continuation of the twosidedness as a doubled surface of the 2D-Klein Bottle as a Torus Topology as a 11-dimensional supertwist of the rootreduced 11D=1+1=2D.

In metaphysical archetypical terms the Mayan Rattlesnake will 'rattle' its tail and the entwined serpentine brotherhood will become unified in the darkness becoming as one with the light.

This means of course that the Thuban Exile will end in its homecoming into a reconfigured universe. The 10D-11D-12D partitioning will be unified in the 'shattering' of the mirror of the illusions.

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