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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Spregovori View Post
begin "joke"

i would prefer to be served with spinach and mashed potatoes + apple juice

I think you'd be to tough Sprigovori. Old Grandpa Draconis Coelum Ignus has trouble with his alligator teeth and so you may be one of the humans we decide to let live as one of our servants to set the tables.
Or we make you work our gold mines on Thuban as a slave.

i have yet to decide on the flower arrangements

Nah, we've got the daisys and the violets lined up.

What about dinner?

Your Martian girlfriend will do.

If the cult will have cool looking robes with strange symbols and will chant dark whispers I might apply for a high priest (i believe a yearly salary of 50kEUR, company car, company condo and company resort on Polynesia is in order)

Your request has been noted. I shall forward it to GrandMa Coelis Aquaris. It's up to her to make you a Dragon-Priest of the Symbols.

Jordan Maxwell would love it. Imagine the DVD cover (green face with yellow-red eyes and a dinner plate in front of it). THE DAWN IS UPON YOU PEOPLE! With his final conclusion that planet earth is a big animal farm for even bigger ET festivities.

You've discovered the 'Dark Secret' Sprigovori.

end "joke"

Why do i feel bad/guilty when others "argue"?

It's part of the polarisation. It will have to BE until the timeline ends.
If this forum can make a difference, then the cobwebs must blow out in it first to become effective.

You mentioned you have a severe medical condition. Is there no way you could recover? Restore health...?
My hope is the advanced bioinference of my familar ET friends and of course the 'light body' transform.

I suffer the Serpent's Curse of the 'Heel of Achilles' {Genesis.3.14-15}. In terrestrial terms a motor neuron disease similar to Stephen Hawking, but restricted to the legs.

Terrestrial medicine has 'no hope' for this condition, trough the stemcellls could replace axion deteriorations in the spinal cord.
I'll know soon enough as One of the 'Last Mohicans' still standing and remaining here for the time being.
The timeline says, I'll have to remain until December 8th, 2011 - as one of the trigger dates.

So I might NOT be here at December 21st, 2012. I don't know much 'personal' stuff at all.

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