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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Firedrake View Post
Because that is Free Will, you learn to incorporate knowingness into your experience only when you come to understand it for yourself; resonate with wisdom in the realization of your truth.

You never don't have the opportunity to not or misunderstand, that is always a persons choice, to listen to you inner knowingness or let fear trample your mind and thoughts.

Whatever happens happens, the more we worry or dwell on past mistakes the more we are sucked out of the moment and away from who we truly are.

If you want to believe that we are going to be eaten, fine, but know there are those of us here that have so much love for these 'vessels' around us that we are ready and willing to mirror whatever energy these 'Fallen Dragons' are looking to bring back onto them.

This is all about having a vast array of experiences, learning from them, and choosing what reality we want out of the endless ingredients we have to work with.

Return to the eternal heart, and whatever questions you have, if asked from the heart, with that innocent pure intent, will be answered from a place of unconditional love.

-Love and Light-

You are right ofcourse and I can also feel that my message wasn't interpreted the way I wanted therefor it needs a small justment. What I meant was that I as the messenger don't need to allow my message to be misinterpreted. If I believe the fault for misinterpretation is mine as the messenger I can choose not to allow misinterpretation by listening to my recipients and remake the message to suit the recipient without loosing it's intent. It's all about how important I believe my message is. If I don't care about the message itself, there is no reason to clarify.

I'll have to see if my intention with this message came through, otherwise I'll try to clarifiy again until it does, and at the same time trying to make an example of what I mean.

Also, I won't be eaten, because I will be dead before someone eats me.

Peace, love and understanding.
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