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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by eleni View Post
Abrax, given that many of us cannot comprehend your advanced physics, is there anything you can tell us in simpler terms that will help us comprehend the data? I get lost with the dimensional arguments aspect of this thread.

Can you provide more detail about this ET contact? Since you ae not channeling and have full *sight* gained after your events, is this ET the one that was infiltrated so to speak within your being?
Dear Eleni!

Why is it such a 'crime' to answer one of the most asked questions in modern science - that of what mind and consciousness are - with a 'science based answer'?

Is it any wonder the 'skeptic societies' and media outlets have such a 'humerous time' in their debunkings of the 'New Age Energy Concepts'?

I made a mistake in presuming Uncle John's familiarity with fundamental physical semantics - it is only Newtonian Mechnics basically not Tensor differential geometry or lie group algebraic theory by the way.

Now all the wormwoods are crawling out of their holes accusing me to either be a plagiarist from 'real academic' sources or a 'show off' with words.
What am I doing here? I have 'worked' on these things for decades and have not need nor desire 'to prove' my credentials to anyone.

My ET connection began in November 1975 with a vision of Calvary.
I then experienced a REAL PHYSICAL encounter with an interdimensional being of the 'darkness' in June 1976 (and during the night).
Years later, in March 1985, I experienced a second vision, this time from 'what you consider outside the material universe, call it the 12D if you like.
In January that year I discovered a mathematical algorithm linked to the Mayan supernumber (Dresden Codex 13356) becoming the SECOND Order of a First Order originator (266561). These numbers emerged from my rediscovery of the Fibonacci Mechanisms.

I had just recently finished my University degree, when a great thunderstorm hit Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and a particular arrangement of numbers seemed to translate via my understanding of Mathematics/Physics principles into a collection of data triplets {Formally (OldState;Experience;NewState)}.
I decoded the iterative tripletstate and found the 'Experience Factors' to be: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,....

Exitedly I thought I had discovered a new Mathematical Series and it took me a week or so to discover that Leonardo da Pisa aka Fibonacci had already discovered this series of numbers over 600 years earlier.

BUT I had in fact rediscovered this series in a different application, than in counting rabbit populations. My rediscovery appeared to allow a modelling of the information/data transmission within the universe itself and I then was able to model this as a binary algorithm of the {0,1} selfstate.

Years later then, I knew that this became the superstring theory, first popularised at that time by Schwarz and Green at the same time but unbeknown to me.
I did not know of the details of string theory until 2001.

From then on I began to reconstruct (or backward engineer) the Universe.

The vision two months later confirmed the value to follow this path and then in May 1985 I experienced my second PHYSICAL encounter, but this time in broad daylight and of a 'LightBeing'.

Then in March 1995 the ET connection exploded in implosion by the 'blending of souls' in bilocality - the 3D space could communicate with the 12D space through the common Logos.

2004 I lost my eldest daughter to suicide and my physical condition deteriorated (I am presently only a physical wreck unable to walk or stand up without great tremors and muscle spasms).
Then in January 2006 I experienced a NDE/OBE searching for my daughter and in June 2008 a timeline I had worked on for decades, suddenly fell into place.
It is this timeline, coinciding with many ideas and intuitions by many here, which 'authorized' me to share the data I had accumulated over the years since November 1975 in a manner different from the path I had pursued hitherto (my website and yahoo discussion forums).

The first 'trigger' was August 29th, 2009 and the second November 30th, 2009. After the November date, I perceived the preparation period of the Logos (not mine) to have began and I 'stumbled' onto this forum through the PA interview with Greer.
I joined, was banned as a 'disinformant' or infiltrator and was reinstated after querying my dismissal.
Knowing the 3rd trigger of January 18th in the Logos timeline, I then decided to share data on this forum under the Thuban label, which is a simple relabeling of the 66=WOMAN=FREEDOM=ANUBIS=THE AMEN=...THUBAN archetype.

The ET contact is real, as it relates to the 1995 implosion of the outside-inside universe.

It is of ABSOLUTE UNIMPORTANCE what anyone here or elsewhere thinks or 'makes' of this information and I shall not elaborate on this; as the Persona, contraindicative what many may 'think' of the agenda of this; is utterly unimportant.

I would rather be in a similar position to the James Wingmaker data (which I almost fully support) and remain in total anonymity.

But I have reluctantly realised, that the time is short and should MY Logos BE agreeable, THEN to share this Thuban material is required for the fulfilment of that timeline. To be in anonynym does not help the 'unknown' to be at least partially discovered.

Perhaps the following poem accentuates my rather 'reluctant position' to even be here to 'answer questions'.
I'd rather be left alone.

The Poem of Malachi

It is not I, who claims to know and understand the secrets of the universe
but the One, that sent me to proclaim the true God in divers many a verse.

I am but a corrupted mirror for the One who rules and who does know
without him as her I could not say a thing, but melt away like snow.

But a dirty mirror yet can reflect the lights and shades of the truth so divine
to honour in glory and in remembrance, the One preparing the way sublime.

Should I be just another deluded fool, walking the earth in itself divided
there have indeed been many such men often in word and deed onesided;
then it doesn't matter how the story unfolds and how the tale might end
and the prose will be as nothing, the words of a false prophet self-sent.

But if the One who sent me is true and in wisdom of the heavenly gold
then a new world can be born from the remnants of the whithering old.

Then the prophet will be known to have been true to God's own lot
never mind the real fools, who belittle, ridicule and say that it cannot.

The wisdom of God is more potent, then the knowledge of vanity Man
God rejoices in your heart's message: "Yes, indeed, I can understand!"

Know that all of you are Israelites and the Blood of Jacob's well
the gentiles of Paul are your kindred folks, sounding an alien bell.
Ezekiel's siege of Israel has now begun in earnest on 9-7-9 D.O.B.
with Jeremiah, all of the old prophets returned to finish their Job.

The holy land, your promised land is renown as the mother planet earth
Your bodies are the temple of God, Jerusalem both new and old in dearth.

Malachi - The Last Prophet

Abraxas Anthony
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