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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by UncleJohn View Post

I will repeat my question since it seems you don't think I have asked it.

How does a sentinent being's memory and consciousness works? How is it non local? How is it recorded?

Of course this is not a Physics question. Can we only ask questions about Physics and Cosmology?

Thanks Uncle John
Hi Uncle John!

I can read and know that you have asked this question. I also have answwered this question in great detail. Did you read the eaxample of the Rock at the end of my reply to you?

Your unfamiliarity with my answer seems to be your statement above; namely the questions of consciousness and mind are NOT physics questions.

Allow me to give you just one reference:

"The Large, the Small and the Human Mind" by Roger Penrose; Cambridge University Press, 1997 from the Tanner Lectures, Cambridge, 1995.

The nature of mind and consciousness is indeed a physics and cosmology question.

But agreed, I presumed too much background and responded to your reply in reflecting your terms of description of the science I utilized.

So I shall attempt to answer you in 'layman's terms'.

How does a sentinent being's memory and consciousness works? How is it non local? How is it recorded?

A sentient being is made up of dimensional or density bodies. Both of these labels require definition.
The dimensions are interwoven as Linear- Rotational- and Vibrational 'Densities'.
So the 3D space of length, breadth and width defines a Volume summed as Areas summed as linesegments say in a basic geometry.

Movement in such a volume can then be translational-linear requiring the size or scale of a radius; but the dynamics can also be radius-independent in a 6-dimensional twistor or rotator space.

When your small wristwatch reads 3 o'clock the angle between big hand and little hand is 90 degrees just as it is on the much bigger watch of Big Ben in London.

Similarly, you can have oscillations (to and fro about a meanpoint or pivot) in a 3D volume space and this becomes a superposed 9D volume onto the 6D rotator space and the 3D translator space.

So the 9 spacedimensions are COLOCAL with the experienced 3D volume of the 5 senses.
The 9D space universe is holofractal, meaning that all volumes adding up to the volume of the universe are selfsimilar as holograms.
In INTENSITY, the holograms are diminished proportional to the whole, but in terms of INFORMATION and MEMORY, all holograms contain and have access to the total sum of information.

The 'soul' of a being occupies space, 9D vibrational space, but appearing to the senses as a 3D space.
The 'soul' of any being occupying space so finds itself in a processing of the hologramic database accessible to it as part of the whole.
The 'soul' of the individual so becomes a part-soul of the collective and because the collective ONE SOUL is the INTENSITY (meaning Superenergy) Totality of the defined universe, the Individual Soul shares in that totality with less intensity than the One Soul of the Source say.

Any 'body' moving through space so interacts spacially and so with the DATA and MEMORY contained in that space relative to INTENSITY.
The individual 'soul' becomes the Part Source-Energy of the Creator (say) with less intense MEMORY than its collectivity in ALL such souls.

The RECORDING so occurs is the Space occupied and dynamically encountered. The physical descriptor for this process is the definition of a Space-Core Consciousness, namely the space occupied, say WITHOUT any MEMORY. This is the basis of my earlier reply in derivation and exposition.

The 'soul' which has MEMORY, ADDS to its volume based core-consciousness in 'tapping' more and more superenergy from the universal holographic field of context, termed the Universe.

This 'drawing the energy' engages the modulation of densities in terms of the DENSITIES encountered in the 9D superspace.

In this manner than the concept of DENSITY and DIMENSION becomes coupled to the selfstates of big scale translation, small scale rotation and quantum scale vibration.
A natural limit for the soul to experience 'duality' so is the 6th dimension as the 6th density bounds the translational degrees of freedom (XYZ axes) of the Translation (large scale movements) in the Rotation of the entity (small quantum rotations called spin, either up or down or clockwise or anticlockwise about the axes).

7th density and the 7th dimension so contains all radius-dependent and radius-independent or ANGULAR displacements.
Likewise 10D will encompass all nondualistic vibrations in an even 'HIGHER SELFAWARENESS' because the frequency modulations or changes are defined in a closer RESONANCE (by the awareness operator df/dt) to the maximum as given at the 10D boundary (the wormhole).

The NONLOCALITY (or quantum entanglement) of consciousness on the soul- and collective soul level so is the interaction of the soul-holograms in individuation with the space they occupy and encounter.
As space is itself a hologram of the total intensity, all LOCALITY perceptions serve the individual soul to interact with the Total Universal Memory as a Data-Collector and MEMORIZER for and on behalf of the Totality aka the Prime Source (or Creator or God).

Perhaps this exposition has clarified your query somewhat.


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