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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Dear Abraxas --

i wasn't gonna mention this, but after the last several messages on this thread I decided i would. it seems like to me that your responses to our questions have become a bit more biting in the last day or two. i don't want to come-off as a whiny-baby, but since the info you present is often so technical, i doubt there are that many of us here following this thread who can get everything you're saying. and considering the fact that Thuban "omniscience" is not subject to validation within our current scientific framework here on Gaia, i would think you'd be more politely accomodating of our human "ignorance." i fear some skeptics on this thread who may have communicated in a somewhat hostile manner have elicited some defensiveness on your part. am i intuiting wrongly about this, Abrax?

as others have already said to you recently ........ there is certainly No Disrespect intended, Abraxas.

gratefully (as ever)
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