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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Unified Serenity View Post
This post by 777 is most telling numerically and symbolism in media about some interesting names, Pi, and 11:11. It is very telling about Abraxas.

Unified Serenity
& the earthly council of THUBAN

Abraxas is an alchemical phallic symbol of the solar god.
The two serpents are our parents, the great dragons ursa major and ursa minor. The four horses are the four cardinal points of the Zodiac, aka Four horses of the Apocalypse.
Notice Abraxas whip is 3 strands,
giving us the occult number of 111
111 kabalistically is the name of the God Abraxas and the number of sudden death and destruction.Thuban is the power that removes the lesser flock,the weeds.Thule is where our english word Tool comes from.
The tools of the hammer and sickle of the NAZI party.]
The SS or 77
or 14 is the number of the material plain.

Thuban was the driving force of the Nazi party.It is Thuban that the Pentagon ,designed as the symbol of man, draws it power from, to wage wars.

Thuban is aligned with Mars the god of WAR.
Thuban is synonymous with
The thumb-

These are all words and symbols of power
Thuban corresponds to the 13th tarot trump card of death.
Thuban is the sacrifice of Abraham's Ram in the bush
Abraxas ( Shield), is the shield of protective wisdom, and the whip driving power of speech,like the house majority Whip .

Intuition and swiftness of thought = Mercury. .Chistos 888 mentioned the use of the word shield in the media lately.Well here is that sheild of wisdom, to protect the initiate from all the BS

The 8 spoke wheel seen on other Abraxas images,is a symbol of chaos magic, and the 8th fold path of the Dharma.ABRACADABRA

Abraxas has another thread about 24 ancestors.
The wheel in the abraxas image is 6 spoke which 360 which is 8 or infinity.
In the Kabalah 24 is Mercury whose essence is 8,as in the 8 spoke wheel of Abraxas.
Mecury is the messenger Tehuti,master of words and mathematics,he is the TRIXSTER.

Abraxas starts his dialogue at night
Night Kabalistically has a value of 97
97 means to capture or sieze suddenly

The Thuban thread emerged with the rising of SIRIUS., annoucing the comming of light into the world. Well to deliver a message on the number 18th date, is to be in shadow,for 18 is equivalent to shadow.18 is the initiate falling through the looking glass,because he or she only see shadow,and not reflection.

Sirius is the Dog star aka Egyptian Anpu, aka intuition ,that guides the soul through the underworld ,aka material plain.Intuition raises us from the horizontal, to the perpendicular.Fighting with the dog,keeps the Falcon below the horizon.





Now note the Mirror-Symmetry between the 'Good' (right-path) S=Swastika and the 'Evil' (left-path) Z=Sauswastika

"left-facing" swastika on a Buddhist temple in Korea.

The swastika in the decorative Hindu form

The 'Nationale Sozialistische Partei Deutschland's'=NAZI Party USED the Sacred Symbolism of the Indian Sauswastika in its Mirror Expression.

Hitler, as 'Agartha's Prophet' and 'Luminari' wayshower, copied the Swastika in direct opposition to Shamballa's Sauswastika as symbol of the 'Illuminati of the Jews'.

Adolf Hitler, the Austrian; was 'groomed' by 'The Brotherhood of the Snake' {See the Abraxas photo as the serpentine legs} to 'Play' the Elijah archetype to bring about the 'Second Coming' and so the ''Tausendjaehrige Reich" the 'Millennium'.

So S<->Z

Gemstone carved with Abrasax, obverse and reverse.

Engraving from an Abrasax stone.

Long before this postAtlantean manifestation of the archetypology manifested; the Egyptian legacy understood the Symbolism of the Uraeus, of the sacred Serpent in the right solar eye of Horus and the left lunar eye
of Thoth/Hathor/Anubis.
From this the 'Snake-Cult' of the Naasseenes developed from whom none other than Yeshua Ben Pantera/Joseph Bar Thomas Didymos aka Jesus of NAZAreth, received initiation in the years leading to 24AD.

The Naasseenes understood the archetypology of the 2nd Order of the Cosmogenesis as that of the Abraxas or Abrasax.

From wiki:
The serpent
Every temple, naos, shows by its title that it is intended for the honour of the serpent naas as "the Moist Essence," of the universe, without which "naught at all of existing things, immortal or mortal, animate or inanimate, can hold together." Because, after all, "all things are subject to Him, and He is Good, and has all things in Him ... so that He distributes beauty and bloom to all that exist according to each one's nature and peculiarity, as though permeating all."[13]
G.R.S. Mead has suggested that all of this is in reference to the Kundalini:—
This is the cosmic Akāsha of the Upaniṣhads, and the Kuṇḍalinī, or serpentine force in man, which when following animal impulse is the force of generation, but when applied to spiritual things makes of a man a god. It is the Waters of Great Jordan flowing downwards (the generation of men) and upwards (the generation of gods); the Akāsha-gangā or Heavenly Ganges of the Purāṇas, the Heavenly Nile of mystic Egypt.[14]

End wiki

It would behoove all of you to engage in basis research before engaging in innuendo and analysis of material and data preceeding your many judgements on things you seem not to understand in clarity.
Abraxas, the perpetuator of the Nazi archetypology, the Thubanese way.


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