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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Omni-Dimensional Multi-Universal Model of Cosmological Embryogenesis (multi-cosmosphere) is based on the seed of life, as I have perceived it there were 6 universes - it was a 36 dimensional structure; being spun out of 144000 faceted core; it is an 'Opaluminal Simulation'.

Ask yourself what do 144000 day cycles, a "baktun" have to do with the solar system ? There has been the completion of 12 previous baktuns prior to this one's completion in either 2011 or 2012 - depending on whose chronology you side with.

The Meso-American Long count Calendar (as opposed to the Tzolkin (galaxial?) & Haab (solar?)) are about synching with a larger structure than solely 'hunab ku' at center of galaxy; although this very well may be a 'stair-step' up the 'pyramid'.

Is about 'synching' with core crystal at central axis of multiple universal cosmological genesis, the Mayan's knew about this - it is accessible via the mushrooms & 'huachuma' (sacred cactus) in peru ... as well as is communication with the 'Zol/Zuul/Zaoul' [[tZOLkin]].

Re: "Council of Thuban"

I am still reviewing this thread, but this should be able to be confirmed; that the original stronghold homeworld of the grandfather dragons is actually in the Omicron Draconis star system.

Here are my old a. drac writings from 1998

New Age Science Fiction: Alpha Draconian "channeling", 1998


The 12 DnA Strand Heart-Soul-Star Cosmic Mandala is supposed to be a 'gift', given to 'humanity' by a 'renegade faction of Alpha Draconians' - was in 1995; back then - they were supposedly a tangent within a tri-une known as the 'Andromedan-Orion-Draconian Alliance'. ((Alex Collier told me I was full of sh^t, back in 1999))

How it all began in 1995, description of my direct overhead flyover by a 'UFO'

It supposedly had to do with some 'council' decision - the reason why they had to return to humanity knowledge that their ancestors may have been involved in taking away, and it was not the 'Thuban Council'. Back then, at least in 1995; the Alpha Draconian majority did not support or were against this taking place.

I have suffered alot because of this 'stigma' ...

As far as I understood it - it had to do with another council; possibly Lyran and a structure - not the 'Galactic Federation of Light' .. but an 'Interdimensional Association of Civilized Star Systems & Free / Sovereign Homeworlds'.

Then from 'Andromedan-Orion-Draconian Alliance' it shifted into an Alpha Centauri-Sirian angle and they talked a lil bit of sh^t about the A-O-D alliance, then in 2005 shifted further into a larger structure which I am currently not at the liberty to discuss here in this thread - but it has to do with the 'Zol/Zuul/Zaoul'.

Regarding Anna Hayes, I and a former friend met with her personally in May of 2000; she 'cursed' the mandala and I bet few of you know of the dynamics / circumstances that went down back then - why she changed her name, left Florida and actually Anna Hayes isn't the name she was born with.

still have unresolved issues because of dynamics that went down back then, if you know her; send her my regards.

Anyways, interesting stuff ...

I'll work on catching up on these 'Thuban' threads, come on over and join in on the Nexus 2012 global synchronized meditation effort if you feel so inclined.

Nexus 2012 global synchronized meditation

Kind Regards ...
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