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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

I doubt very much that the information that Brooks provided us with, in any way shape or form, indicated that she was putting anyone down.

No one insinuated that Abraxas was not knowledgable.

Ewhite, this is not ATS and I feel that the people that have been here at this forum have the upper most respect for all the people.

Anyone that is following a thread is entitled to their opinion and I didnt feel it was disrespectful. What it was, was encouraging to see that those of us that have our doubts on the meanings of any one of these postings, could actually feel that we are not alone with those doubts. There is 2 sides of every story, right ?

Isnt that what a forum is all about ? So as far as I can see, EGO was not any part of the message brought over................777's message was brilliant and as I have followed 777s work for over a year, I know that 777 is never disresptful but instead absolutely brilliant. Nothing wrong with Brooks bringing it over here.
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