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Default Re: urban survival... More quakes on the way 2010!

We definitely do not help by ignoring a potential event. When someone says: "don't even imagine one detail", this is not ignoring. Perhaps Ravens and Doves thought I meant do not take any action. The action to take, is to change the field. This is not easy, but it cannot be done if the focus is on the event itself. It has to be changed in the universal human mindset, or "collective backstory" if you will, and this cannot be done if people continue to visualize and focus on disasters. There is a huge difference between ignoring, and attempting to switch to a new location on the space/time continuum. In the meantime, the preparations should be in place. It may be wise to leave the extreme West Coast. It's a tricky, fine line. Action is the key while holding the highest good of all in the mind. I hope this clears up the reason I gave the advice that I did. It was with the best of intent on many levels.
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