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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Nebula9D View Post
Thank you for the explanation Abrax. Sorry the board went down this morning when i was attempting to reply. Anywho Imho, I'm having a tuff time grasping the 1st, 2nd 3rd order concept and i think others are too. Maybe you could further simplyfy it alittle.

I do see alot of similarities except for the different names and nomencleture.
This is my comprehension from what i've read elsewhere:
Primary & Secondary creation was performed by Nine Ether energies/gases/beings. These Nine ether conscious and conscience gases personified by both sound and electric energy, both positive and negative. Electro being negative and Magnetic being positive. All that is appointed a supreme being to be the creator God. This supreme being could personify him/herself as an Etherian being, a being of pure light at will. So this supreme being/Creator energy created the Seraphim/positive, beings of the pure green light, ethereal and Cherubim, Sub-supreme beings of the impure, amber light. So the Arch-Angels are your Seraphim and your Lucifer/luciferians etc are your cherubim.
Hi Nebula9!

Indeed, the forum became disfunctional in 3rd density for a while in synchronicity with a resetting of the world-clock in alignment with the cyclic astrodata.
You can term it coincidence or synchronicity.
There will now be 62 weeks of warptime correspondence with the civil calendar as used 1980 years ago until the next nexus point of March, 28th, 2011.

This overall timeline is however the only agenda which is 'fixed'. The physical and psychophysical occurrences will from now on harbour a 'Unified Humanity' component growing from its seed.
Individual decisions and choices will interrelate with the human groupmind, which has now become encompassed by the manifestation of the Entwined Serpentine Embrace of the Gaian Noosphere.

This means in practical terms, that ALL are invited to MIRROR themselves in this spherical mirror now surrounding the planet so 2 million kilometers from the planetary center.

The Individual communication between your innermost being of your soul or loveheart or whatever you would like to call it has now become authorized.
The Ones of the Selfchoosing will KNOW from within that this 'change of the guard' from the 'Separated Individual' towards the 'Unified Individual' has occurred and has now opened the door to UNDERSTAND and FEEL the Unity of the Universe.

Your questions relate to this in terms of the archetypology.

The 1st Order is the Unity unseparated - as the Monad of Unity.
The 2nd Order is the Unity separated as Two in One, but unable to reproduce itself - a polarity within - as the Monadic Unity of say the Monadic Duad {0,1}.
The 3rd Order is the reproducing Dyad {0,1} in a separated polarity {-+}.
The 4th Order then defines the emergence of selfreproducing structures, say in the many families and labelings you are familiar with.

So IF you define the Etherion as the 1st Order then you also must define this Etherion of your Cosmogenesis as undivided monad or similar classification.

The labels and namings are arbitrary and subject to individuated creative licence; the elementary structure as described in monadic-duadic-dyadic terms say is prerequisite.

The electro-magneto polarity so must emerge in manifestation in any dimension or density in the 3rd Order after being defined in nonseparation in the 2nd Order.

Understanding these simple and basic foundations, will then allow you to 'look through' the many labels, renamings and wordings assigned to cosmic archetypes and structural hierarchies throughout the history of the data collectors.

Abraxas Anthony aka AA97
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