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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Well now that we've reached the starting point of the 18th I would like to ask the OP to clarify his stance on the model of our Time Matrix or Universe please.

The OP states 12 dimensions.

MCEO states 15 dimensions and 5 Harmonic universes also known as densities dividing those 15 into sets of 3.

George Kavassilas states no physical form above the 7th dimension, I think his upper limit is 9 dimensions with Dracos creating "false" dimensions within the 4th to fool people into thinking there are more than there are.

The Law of One series quotes RA as stating there are 8 densities like an octave.

Laura Knight-Jadcyk states 7 densities as per the Cassiopeans. Where densities could be visualized as vertical and the 7th is union with the One and dimensions could be seen as horizontal and limitless within each density.

The correct structure of our Universe would appear to be a hotly contested subject with each of the above claims coming from sources who claim to know first-hand.

There are so many different ideas about it and our universe appears to be so malleable that I'm starting to think that whichever one I decide on will be the one I'm stuck with.

Comments from the OP?

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