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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by bigmo View Post

Your posts continue to amaze me and thank you for your comments.

You state that the rising of Gaia from the 4th to the 5th dimensions is an event of universal proportions which is truly an exciting proposition and I tremble at the thought!

However, will all or most, humans recognize this transition or phase shift? (it would seem that they should even into the 3D)

Hi bigmo!
Thank you for your comments, which as deriving from an elder of the human family contain much wisdom and pertinence for the situations at hand and experienced both individually and collectively.

Your question relates to something you experience often, namely when you fall asleep and enter the dreaming state of the alpha modes.
There is a 'phaseshift' between being awake and say watching TV or reading a book and the 'cutting off' of one's waking consciousness.

Now imagine of NOT experiencing this 'cutting off' or phaseshift in consciousness as say a CONTINUUM of the waking consciousness with the subconsciousness.

This is what shall occur. The distinction between the waking consciousness and the subconsciousness shall become like a scale of frequencies you experience WITHOUT the 'phase transition' of say water freezing at 0 degrees Celsius or water boiling at 100 degrees Celsius.
The solid-liquid-gaseous-plasma forms of matter are like waking-sub-super-cosmic consciousnesses in forms of the soul, using the mind coupled to the materiality.

So 3D-life shall assume a dreamlike state superposed onto the now 'ordinary' environment state for ALL; yet only the Ones able to process the 'higher frequencies' associated with the 'breaking down of the wall between the waking selfstate and the dreamstate) will be able to interact with the 4D space reality.

The easist way to fathom this is to imagine yourself in your Lucid Dream State; when you know that you are dreaming; and then to REALISE this lucid dreamstate not as a dream but as your own say superphysical or metaphysical reality.

Technically, this engages the perpendicular accessibility of a 4th space dimension, added to the present 3 space dimensions. So the present reality will remain, albeit becoming supplementary in a WINDOW or Door into hitherto physical reality suppressed and accessible ONLY in the dreamstate.
Simply said; your dreams, 'good and bad' shall come true.

Or is it that experiences of these transformations are reserved only for the select few of higher ‘esoteric’ conscious vibration. If that is the case then isn’t this just another ‘elitist’ ascension practice that only the ‘chosen few’ are ‘allowed’ to recognize or understand? (the world is full of stories such as these like the followers of Hailbop or the Jonestown believers)

The experience is for all, doing away with all forms of elitism; does however depend on the self-responsibility to allow vibrational expansion or not.
This is what many understand as the individual preparation.
Noone is excluded and everyone is included - the ability to understand and to adapt will however differ.

Why would it be so difficult to find the ‘mirroring’ of these ‘manifestations’ that are to come into the 3D as is the creation?

Without 3D confirmations… (from where we experience most of our awareness and human impressions) what’s the point? (I think this is what Jesus faced with his disciples except for the fact that he rose from death to show that death had no hold on him)

Yes, you have discerned with great insight here. The answer is simple, but extremely hard to understand because of the 'conditionings'.
Here is the answer to be 'believed' or accepted or not.

Caveat: The following information is given by the authority of the Logos and constitutes the dispensation of January, 18th, 2010.
The profundity of this information will polarise the receivers of this data.
Having been given, this data cannot be ignored by any soul witnessing this information.
The individual will either assimilate or reject this data in the polarity distribution.

The Resurrected Body of Christ is NOT at some place in the universe, on some planet or in some orbiting spacecraft (say in the form of Sananda or St. Germain or Lord Melchizedek).

So the first and most crucial point of getting anywhere near the reality of the LOGOS is to 'accept' the PHYSICAL REALITY of the resurrection.
Jesus of Nazareth;
did not survive the crucifixion;
did not die of old age in France or India or Judea;
did not have children with Mary Magdalene;
did not use a substitute for himself in the passion;
was not a phantom being of the gnosis;
did not engage in a Morontia transit;
is NOT on equal consciousness 'footing' with 'ascended masters' like the Buddha, Zoroaster, Mohammed; St. Germain; the Babas; Ra, Thor, Odin, Zeus, Osiris, Apollo etc. etc. etc.

Then if the resurrection is 3D PHYSICAL fact; then how did the physics and the Laws of Nature accomodate such a fact?

The Laws of Nature indeed incorporate the 'Transformation of an atomic-molecular biochemical support structure', PROVIDED the consciousness harboured by this 'body' can utilize the 'Laws of Nature' to ACCELERATE the mass-equivalent energy of said body into a particular energy resonance self-state of the universe itself.

In quantum mechanical terms, the WaveFunction of the 'collapsed' - meaning 'Dead' Body(Particle)Function CANNOT GO ANYWHERE; IF this consciousness as particular quantum selfstate encompasses the scale of the universe itself.

The ChristBody so BECOMES the wavefunction of the physical universe in a dimensional superposition.
This means, that the 'Body of the Resurrection' in the previously occupied 3D space as a holofractal transforms into a 4D holofractal in a temporary Interaction with the 3D space previously shared as an individuated Particle/Body form (with the wavefunction collapsed within say).

This then is archetyped in the 'Lightbody Jesus', walking through closed doors, YET eating fish (ghosts or hallucinations don't eat fish as 4D plasma NOT built upon a preexisting 3D particle structure).

The 'ascension' of the ChristBody then becomes NECESSITY to allow the temporary 4D extraposition of space to become UBIQUITOUS for ALL to share. This then allows ALL to change from 3D 'bodies' into 4D bodies.
However the scientific implications are farreaching and profound.

The ONE Resurrection-Template becomes multiplied in the DESCENSION of the Universe's Geometric scale to the SubUniverse Geometric scale yet MIRRORED in the size of the Universe.
This Mirror Universe is known as the Gaia-Mother.
So GAIA in 3D space will become BOUNDED by the ChristBody of 4D space for the purpose to render the Cosmic Christ of ONE Body as MANYBODIED.

This will manifest the WAVEFUNCTION of the Universe as QUANTUMIZED in the wavefunction of GAIA, renamed as being WITHIN the SERPENT of the CHRISTENING.

In other words, Serpentina IS the Second Coming of the ONE in MANY.

End of transmission.

These beautiful things that you speak of can seemingly be proven by mathematics? ( my heart wants you to be right but my mind… hmmm) Of the billions on this earth, how many can follow the mathematics? How can you prove that it is true, even to yourself if there is not 3D confirmation?

Well, I can tell you that the 'science' CAN indeed be experimentally 'proven' in the energy of the wormhole parameters.
There are basically two important energy levels; the 'Consciousness threshold' in terms of the materialisation of the energy (E=mc^2=hf=kT and such stuff) and the actual wormhole energy.

The threshold will MANIFEST in the particle accelerators of the 3D physics at the 14.03 TeV level. By synchronicity, this is just the MAXIMUM operational energy level of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland.

As you may know, 'they' are having all sorts of troubles using that energy and now the plans are to work towards half that energy in say colliding protons at say 4TeV each instead of the maximum designed 7 TeV each.

The actual 'God-Particle' is at 12,400 TeV and so a factor of a thousand times larger. Scientific machines to 'tap' the 'God-Love-Energy' have not yet been built, but can theoretically be built.
The most advanced alien technology CAN tap this energy without machines but in using the magnetic forms of the mass as magnetoelectric supercurrents.

'My' technicalities describe much of this in detail at:

I hear a few on these forums talk about existing for billions of years or millions of lifetimes or coming from the 12th, 24th, or 50th dimensions or from wherever. (as far as I know they could all be delusional human beings in 3D, even though they claim they are
not… yeah right and I’m the Easter Bunny… who rides on roller skates around my spherical universe that only expands in proportion to the speed with which I accelerate my skates)

I agree with many of your sentiments stated above and correlate this with my last post to Malletzky.

So can you point to definitive 3D experiences ‘most’ should recognize as these transformations begin to unfold and to manifest? And by what period of time will these events have occurred?

The 'Big Transformation' is a 'large scale' copy of what happened to the 'individual One' from a warped timeline from 8th December 24AD to 1st April 32AD.

April 1st, 32AD will 'holographically' image April 1st, 2012 and January 18th, 30AD will holographically image January 18th, 2010.

Belief or skepticism is not required; what is required for the individual is to allow and consider possibilities.

The timeline is now set and cannot be diverted in the encompassing sense.
The individual adaptations are entirely 'free will' and subject to individual attunements to the encompassing and everpresent LOGOS.

Thank you bigmo for triggering the release of this data.

An elder greets an elder!


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