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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by bennycog View Post
hey abrax... why do you live in canberra? is it somewhere you think is safe? or you have no need to be safe in a physical form?
i am as curious as anyone else about you.. and i am just happy your only 3 hrs away, and that one day we may meet... i live in orange nsw..
i have followed this forum and project camelot from day dot. i am concerned for my and my kids future. their protection is of my only importance and i have to try to protect them from a distance.
i have, from a very early age new that the way our race is living is not how it was meant to live. i have known there is something out there i cannot reach just yet.. i was told once that by the age of 35 i would get what i am after.. but that is still a few yrs away..
do you see me obtaining my/universal truth?
i would be interested in getting your email in a private message and we could exchange a few teachings to help me raise my vibrations a little more.. so i could raise my childrens too make them stronger... because i am afraid the people they are around drain what i try to manifest in them..

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Hi bennycog from Orange!

Noone has any need to 'be safe' from the greater soul perspective.
In the ultimate perspective nothing exists exept you in nospace and in notime.
A pretty 'forlorn' thought is it not?
So you find yourself in space and in time and seemingly separate from so many things.
Yet, realising that the 'outside world' simply becomes a largely magnified picture of your 'inside world'; you might arrive at the understanding that you are having an adventure and that you are Living Your Own Dream.

Your concerns for your family are very natural and physical transformations do occur and will continue to occur in divers proportions.
In that regard allow me to share the sisterhood of the continents as decoded from the older encodings in the archives of Thuban.

In the continental table of the lands and kinships; anyone of YOU becomes a global citizen or 'earthling' with many colour-skins 'living' anywhere in the planetary environments. The first classification predates the scriptural references applied elsewhere and is known as 'Egyptian mythology' linked to 'alien omni science'.


1=Kinship of WhiteSkins of Father-Sky in a Rainbow Arcticus Cyani
2=Kinship of BlackSkins of Mother-Earth in a Rainbow Antarcticus Magenti
3=Kinship of GreenSkins of Elemental-Child in a Rainbow Indianus Oceanis
4=Kinship of YellowSkins of Elemental Fire of the Lights in a Rainbow Pacificus Boreas OutSim
5=Kinship of BrownSkins of Elemental Earth of the Lands in a Rainbow Atlanticus Eurus InSim
6=Kinship of BlueSkins of Elemental Air of the Winds in a Rainbow Pacificus Auster InSim
7=Kinship of RedSkins of Elemental Water of the Seas in a Rainbow Atlanticus Zephyrus OutSim

1='The Land of my Lost Sheep and my Found Goat'=EPHESUS---{Revelation.2.1-7}
2='The Land of my Origins in the RNA'=SMYRNA---{Revelation.2.8-17}
3='The Land of my Grapes and Sounds in Om and Noises'=PERGAMOS---{Revelation.2.12-17}
4='The Land of my Theatres and my Crowns'=THYATIRA---{Revelation.2.18-29}
5='The Land of my Rising in Sadness and Hope'=SARDIS---{Revelation.3.1-6}
6='The Land of my Oracles of Love and Poles'=PHILADELPHIA---{Revelation.3.7-13}
7='The Land of my Loaded Dice and Lead in Coins'=LAODICEA---{Revelation.3.8-22}

The Seven 'Lands' are also Seven Sisters and are permutatively assigned to the namings of the Pleiadean Sisters: Alcyone-Electra-Maia-Merope-Taygeta-Celaeno-Asterope from their 'Parents' Atlas and Pleione=Shu and Tefnut as the Egyptian Cosmic Lion Twinship in a relevant association.

1=Europe; 2=Africa; 3=Middle East; 4=Asia; 5=Southern America; 6=Australasia; 7=Northern America in a VERY generalised geographical association.
As stated, ALL Seven Sisters are part of each other and so the Canadian is a Laodicean and a Philadelphian and an Ephesian and so on in varying percentages say.
This nomenclature then even further finestructures in the Individual, able to 'perceive and think' in such 'ID expansive terms'.

Of course you can email me privately, but in general I prefer open sharing as it is the PERSONAL STORIES, which especially in this time of cosmic transformations, which are of the MOST VALUE for the 'Oversoul' of Humanity, say the cosmic ID and intelligence, which is comprised of all the 'Higher Selves' or similar labellings. This is also of course related to the concept of Prime Source or Creator or 'God' the latter label, having become greatly distorted over the last century of human history, desiring redefinition through and by its LOGOS.

By the time of you attaining a biological age of 35, there will be a new world for your children to experience their adventures as Children of the Universe in.

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