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Default Re: urban survival... More quakes on the way 2010!

Originally Posted by Gnosis5 View Post
I would like to posit that the reason for the dream was to give time to make it not happen.

For most of life, since a child, I've had powerful dreams of tsunamis cresting over the Hollywood Hills... other dreams that look like what Haiti is right now; people just laying on the sidewalks wasting away.

I've also had dream/visions of glorious things in the sky and strangers either freaking out or happily embracing each other.

I don't know how to stop earthquakes. I don't think that not thinking about them will help one bit. No problem was ever solved by ingoring it.

There are more advanced, higher ET/sentient beings than your average grey. The entities the Miriam Delecado encountered I believe have the power to intervien when it comes to 2012ish size earth changes, but we have to show them that we're worth not being tossed into the carbon fossil record with other unfortunate species.

Communicating here... communicating on the street... communicating with friends an family is as good a start as any.


PS. I'm glad the Bird York tune were appreciated. She really is amazing and has so many good, meaningful songs. I woking on getting her to cut lose with
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