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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Abraxas --

thanks for your answers to my previous questions, but--at the risk of pestering you--i would like to ask if you would focus on the part of my 1st question (i haven't figured out how to cut & paste it onto this message...duh!) which has to do with the relative awareness of those 3-d entities NOT ascending. will there be fear, sadness, joy, jealously or simply Unawareness on the part of these who are doing something else besides ascending, re: this ascension of those they may even know or be close-to? i think perhaps this is something Bigmo is also asking about in a post above.

2) Abraxas ..... i am having a good bit of difficulty understanding how only 144,000 human entities (approx. 1 out of 50,000 per 7.2 billion earth-inhabitants) will be evolved enough to ascend at this coming major transition. this just seems like such a low number to me ..... even just considering the people i know myself. since it's been stated numerous times (in LoO at least) that if one is even "51%" oriented toward service-to-others, one is "capable of" ascension ........ does this not render the "144,000" a rather pessimistic prognostication? is this number symbolic perhaps (though i haven't gotten that impression from you)? i DO realize that everyone not ascending will progress appropriately through other experiences and that "all will be well" for each of us "shards," no matter the particular outcome for any one of us during this dramatic shift ....... but these calculations/predictions of how many will be able to ascend "soon" somehow just don't resonate with me. Please Help!


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