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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by bigmo View Post

I feel you may have misinterpreted my last posting and I hope to clarify as I sensed a derogatory note to your comment. So I would like to try it again…

Having read all of yours and Stardustaqarions post it became immediately clear to me that I was in over my head.

In order to fully understand the foundational information, from which both of your postings originated, would require advanced degrees in cosmology, physics, mathematics and history. (you may even throw in philosophy and genetics as well) Assuming one had such degrees you could still argue, that trained experts in any field with the same educational backgrounds can and do disagree on the meanings of many things within their fields of expertise.

I found both yours and Stardustaqarions comments exciting, intriguing and curious. I was immediately drawn into your ‘friendly banter’ as I would be to an artistic contest. (a contest in which there is no winner only different forms of expression) If you took my term ‘banter’ to mean something other than this I apologize for the incorrect word usage.

Having said that, I still wonder how the average ‘earthling’ could even begin to hope to contemplate, much less grasp and understand the huge social, scientific, political and religious implications of the things that you speak of. Now you may say that ‘this is actually quite simplistic stuff’ and this maybe so (I would have no way of knowing if it is or isn’t).

Being one of those ‘average’ earthlings though I still wonder, if indeed this information you speak of is imminent in its dissemination, how ‘most people’ are ever going to come to terms with such huge paradigm shifts?

Generally shifts of these magnitudes occur in centuries if not longer do they not? I still wonder how people will accept such broad changes of understanding in such a short period of time. Will there be some sort of world wide soul ‘enlightenment’ that accompanies the release of this information?

If most cannot accept such far ranging ideas (which could seem likely) then what happens? I am… wondering.


PS I hope this is still ' on topic' enough for a reply
Hi, this is Stardust

A'sha has been commissioned to publish a book "Life after Earth" this summer, it will explain a lot of what it is going on and what it is the Silver Seed Awakening contracts

No doubt there will be more public radio interviews

Whilst I have not read all the comments in this thread since I last log off, I fully understand that the information is difficult to grasp.

When I started to study Keylontic Sciences, that are the scientific studies of ascension, I felt lost too, but perseverance got me there. Anyway there is enough material in their website to gently peruse

My best wishes
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