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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by Magamud View Post
Thanks Abraxasinas,
Some questions:
1. The societal demonizing of serpents/dragons is to slow down this awareness?
a. Is the characteristics or likeness of "demons" things that look ugly wrongly stereotyped. I often think beautiful angels and such are really the evil doers and the ugly beings are the ones enlightened..
2. Severe schizophrenia maybe due to the rigidity of this world and this type of population is compensating for us?
3. Is the lack of disclosure or communication from other sentient beings due to: That no one wants to take proactive action to intervene because a very very old energy is coming back to start things up with us? Orobourus...

You can answer after the 01/18/2010 if you want. I do enjoy your stream of thought and insight into each response, especially with the history of the devil gods.
Hi magamud!

1a) The very simple archetype is this and perhaps known from childhood stories.
There is a white angel sitting on everyones right shoulder whispering 'good things' into your right ear.
On the 'sinister' left there sits a dark demon who whispers 'bad' temptations into your left ear.
The whisperers 'confuse' the recipient of the whisperings and the master of the 'angels' as 'God' battles over the 'soul' of the whispered to with the master of the 'demons' called the 'Devil'.

The 'war' continues until the soul realises that the 'war' is not necessary.
The soul simply introduces the white innocence of the angel to the dark lustfulness or desires of the demon and begins a 'wedding ceremony'.
"With my authority of choosing to listen to any whispers as I please - I herewith define that both of you shall find the other irresistably attractive and your mischieveousness of attempting to influence my thoughts and actions shall herwith and henceforth be substituted by my presence as the 'Lake of Fire and Brimsone'.
The maleness within both of you I define to be the brimstone and the femaleness in both of you I define to be the Fire with me the encompassing Lake of Fiery Hellish passion of the bodyparticle as well as the Lake of Icy Cold Heavenly passion of the wavemind.

2. The present classification of 'mental disease' has never been clinically established; rendering psychiatry the greatest misappropriation of medicinal science in the history of modern man.
The universe is multidimensional and so becomes a kaleidoscope of interwoven fractals and holograms in a tapestry of geometric interconnectedness and quantum entanglement.

Much of the drama in so called 'mental institutions' is caused by the selfsame drugs and 'treatments' said to 'treat' the 'patient'.

If someone says: 'The devil made me do it'; then a truly advanced civilization would analyse and explore the notion and identity of this 'individually experienced devil' in the most meticulous detail, before 'judging' the claimant as having a 'mental illness'.

Is this 'devil' a thoughtform created by the mental conditioning of the claimant through childhood exposure to cultural practices?
Has this 'devil idea' been 'implanted as a false memory' in the claimant?
Has the claiment been subjected to some sort of 'abduction experience' where the 'devil' assumed some physicalised concretization?
etc. etc.

3. Your intuition is 'spot on'. The 'oldest energy' of all is visiting; is 'Coming Home'.

The oldest energy is that existing before the physical universe was born. The universe has a biovital structure like found in your body - the galaxies in the universe become holograms of your somatic and neuronal cells.
You are Leonardo da Vinci's 'Vitruvius' or 'Cosmic Man'.
You are THE Adam in Genesis differentiated from Vitruvius as AdamEve the androgyne.
This universal archetype existed BEFORE there was an universe of physicality.
So YOU as ADAM are 'Coming Home', because YOU are already HERE.

So the Adam-Cell is YOU as ONE CELL in the Body of God - the GODDESS of the Universe.
Starsystems become the conduits for the information from Galactic Core to the Planetary Core - Gaia becomes the archetype for the Gathering of the EVES, ambassadoras to help ADAM to become ONE within the spacetime creation and AFTER having existed as archetype BEFORE the spacetime creation.
So lonely GOD=ADAMEVE uses the archetype to 'split into two' outside of spacetime so creating a purposeful cosmos and then to come back together again within spacetime in a doubling of the whole SheBang.

The reason for this information having been 'hidden' or 'occultized' hitherto has everything to to with the timelines discussed in this thread.
The agenda of agendas is BEYOND the nonphysical controllers behind the financiers behind the illuminated ones behind the government special interest groups behind the military sociopolitical and religioon based agendas behind the heads of government behind local administrators behind relatively ignorant individuals.

As said I can stand in for Thuban before January 18th; but after this date the data will become more potent.

Thank you magamud I feel I have been of help in your queries.

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