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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by akopij View Post
hi all, best regards and thanks for the instructive debate to the contenders

As you are dimension travelers I'd like to ask you about a certain place or group of entities I had met:
The counsil of AZKHAM

Well it's ok if it means nothing to you, just wanted to check it out.

You're all amazing
Hi akopij!
There is no contest here. The Thuban Wisdom has no requirement to compete with any other wisdom. It is sufficient onto itself but always welcomes its extension and growing in the blending with other forms of wisdom.
Everyone in physical embodiment automatically carries great wisdom.
It is very hard for a waveformed soul to find itself trapped in a physical body not yet hybridised into its lightbody - half material and half light.
Technically this is termed RestMassPhoton as a gauge Goldstone bosonic precursor of the Higgs Boson in much of the news regarding the particle accelerators at Genevea's CERN and Caltechs Fermilab.

The biochemical definitions and as built by the genetic codes are restricted in only partially functioning nucleotidal base pairings. So your biovital bodies anticipate a transformation into a 'lighted form' less vulnerable to external changes in the environment.

Ok the Azkham represent a powerful archetype, namely that of Charon the Skeletor Ferryman of Greek Mythology, who ships the 'dead souls' from the Land of the Living across the River Styx to Hades the Underworld.

I advice you to watch the Underworld 1-2-3 trilogy, as those movies somewhat describe your present soulstate.
You are only partially human akopij or better said you have chosen to carry a higher expression of the human DNA into this incarnation of this crucial time in the human historical timeline, than most of your fellow travellers.
You are of interest to the Noosphere of Gaia (Vernadsky and Teilhard de Chardin); as you carry genetic supertemplates, allowing you to mutate and antimutate from your psychophysical bodyform; which is more plasmic than the waking state for everyone.

Generally all you need to do when experiencing a lucid OBE or dreamstate is to identify yourself as the Ferryman of Styx. Then you will become the conductor of the experiments as your familiars will have to give tribute to interact with you.

Your key encoding so is: "I Am the Ferryman!".

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