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Default Re: The book of Enoch, the cover up and the truth hidden by the church

I should have included this look in other copies of the book of Enoch and people back then lived a very long time itwas necessary so they could propragate the planet , how manipulation of D.N.A. Sumarians had tablets and so did Egyptians showing D.N.A. Strands so technology has always been there just not for us. just look at the mountains of evidence in art and hirogliphs it's everywhere. Just look

P.s. No mention of the giza pyramids being built In the bible yet there they stand many believe they are thousands of years older then the first known records yet again this is a multiverse an infinate number of parallels many copies of us and many senarios being played out, some no war for independence some no Nazi Germany different yet the same. Were they're bloodsport and never yahwehs plan. Look at those links to those photos of the moon it's carpet bombing from a long time ago just look at it. We went there to see the relics we could see in our telescopes and were told to leave the masters are them aliens and angels the same thing. This copy of Enoch is from the sacred texts

VI-XI. The Fall of the Angels: the Demoralisation of Mankind: the Intercession of the Angels on behalf of Mankind. The Dooms pronounced by God on the Angels: the Messianic Kingdom (a Noah fragment).

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