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Default Re: The book of Enoch, the cover up and the truth hidden by the church

We do agree on a lot and this points to exactly what I have been saying, the point i have been trying to make is that in the book of enoch Ezekiel and Daniel listed as fallen angels not profits.

Gospel of Judas says they will grieve a great deal because someone will replace them and I keep saying were being replaced

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What may come as a surprise to you is that the pre-christian Hebrew and the early Christian Hebrew and Gentile believed that after death people would go through a time of correction and purification and would then enter another life. They knew people would die and live again. They believed all people will live again, be born into a new life. That is the reason the intertestamental books were removed from the Bible. They were banned by the Bible societies around 1885 and were in the OT since as far back as can be discerned that any written scripture existed.
The book of Enoch contradicts the book of Isaiah and Ezekiel which in itself is no small thing.

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