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Default Re: The book of Enoch, the cover up and the truth hidden by the church


Understand that I have an interest in the "writings" of Enoch as well, simply on the premise that it is revealing of many things that the other "writings" don't come close to. I've been reading what TimeToTellTheWorld started via Enoch on another thread. Hell, I emailed the pictures he referenced regarding Jesus to a number of individuals over a year ago. However, does this "work" after we are all willing to research "ourselves" means we've solved the centuries old puzzle or only finding that which fits comfortably into what we perceive is truth or resonates? You see, the circle then begins again. That was the point of my post.

As I suggested before, hold close to your heart whatever it is you choose to believe or seek for that matter, but once you express it to others it is only another opinion being expressed...Even if what is being presented happens to be the truth indeed. The web that has been woven over time, is that tangled.
That is not talking "church" at all, and I personally refuse to do so.

Moving On
Regarding these ancient humans leaving us messages for a reason is true, and they are based upon the experiences of "their" peoples. Again, this is what I hoped to point out in my first post, based on the work I cared to do for myself.

I agree, that as more is understood and discovered about ourselves today, and the world around us, may then open new perspectives as to how to understand these particles of knowledge that remain from our past. However, nothing "new" is being presented here.

Silly me, I deleted paragraphs of information and perspective once I realized I was falling into the same cycle I am posting to help others avoid.

You guys have at it.
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