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Angry Re: The book of Enoch, the cover up and the truth hidden by the church

except that yahweh and yeshua are two different entities........

Originally Posted by rozzy View Post
on the sacred name of god (the tetragramation) there are many interpretations and various ideas of the same, most of them are wrong.

יהוה is translated jehovah, yahweh, yeshua etc.

First, there is no j in hebrew, second yahweh is a mistranslation to hebrew and yeshua is actually aramaic.
The best transliteration is yahuah pronounced yah-oo-ah

the letter י in hebrew is vav, it can be a u,v or w, in ancient use the י in god's name was the u not a v or w.
The proper english transliteration of the christ is yahushuah which is yahuah with shu introduced into the middle yahu-shu-ah pronounounced
Jesus seems to be a rendering from the greek iesus as greek does not have a j either so the name jesus is really from the greek.
The name jesus is not wrong as it is the english representation of the christ. Where most go wrong is on the more literal transliteration of the hebrew to english and then we get a variety of renderings. For those who want the proper transliteration it is yahushuah.
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