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Default Re: The book of Enoch, the cover up and the truth hidden by the church

Yet another thread of humans arguing what the truth is, from a book that is proclaimed to be the truth, but yet creates so much disarray, confusion and falsehoods.

We have to first remember that the bible is a "compilation" of writings. This we all know, and we all know what "compilation means. Most of us know that there are several books of writings that was never included in the bible. As shared via another thread the following;
The Bible is a great book, but it is an incomplete body of work. There are 7 books of writings that are not included in the Old Testament and several not in the New Testament. What that profoundly tells us is that what we know from the bible is not in its entirety. Secondly those who compiled the writings for forming The Bible, also had jurisdiction over what the masses would know and what they would not know. Let that sit with you for a moment.
Each of you are engaged in the same disputes that has been engaged by thousands of scholars, priests, etc for centuries and the result has come down to what each choose to believe (hence, Religion is born). Basically, what you're doing now. All of this is derived from each of these individuals feeling like they have extracted the truth and true meaning from the bible (which is a compilation of different writings/books).

However, and interestingly enough, this dispute does not apply to the indegenous/ancient cultures (humans) on this planet such as the Indians, Africans, Sumarians, Mayans, etc. Their belief systems have absolutely nothing to do with the bible, and did not leave writings and teachings of God and Jesus for their descendants to follow/worship. Again "most" is the operative word.
Please note; historically, the people who conquers the lands force their beliefs and cultures on those conquered. Look at the American Slavery Era, and the belief systems (and names) of most of the African Americans today to better understand this concept.
It's all curious, because so much of the biblical events unfolded in an area of the planet where dark brown to brown skinned people populated/emerged and historically evolved, but yet much of those whom are depicted in the bible and as part of these events are just the opposite in appearance?
Why did God somehow bypass these other cultures and humans on the planet with his revelations for man? The teachings of Jesus? After all, they were a part of his creation too, no? Hell, the Mormons believe the dark skinned humans were born to a pale-skinned family as punishment from a previous sin of man. It is all quite unbelievably my opinion.

Our past has been so well manipulated through ignorance, misunderstanding and self serving purposes that none of us will no the truth, only what we believe personally, and believing IS NOT knowing anything. Hold whatever you choose to believe in close to your heart, but outside of that, you are only expressing an opinion.

I tire from this dispute, because NONE OF US know the answers, at the least, not all of them. Please, stop proclaiming that we do.
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