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Default Re: The book of Enoch, the cover up and the truth hidden by the church

Actually ! Enoch is a pseudepigrapha of a late date 1st century B.C. not back to the actual time of Enoch. It is not likely the work of one author or all written at the same time. Enoch was a real man but was from antediluvian times.
There is no doubt in my mind a lot has been removed from the scriptures, sterilized, corrected, redacted and edited but 1Enoch is not one of them.
The addition of 1Enoch would certainly bolster the fear doctrines such as eternal punishment and end of the world, world burning up stuff but they would never get away with adding it to the canon.
Properly translated the scriptures do not have the eternal burn nor the complete destruction of the earth. Pre-christian Hebrews and early Christian believers never believed such things nor were taught them until the text was fiddled with and manipulated by translation manipulation and the actual switch of the entire OT from the Greek text to an obscure Babylonian text.
Indoctrination has been so thorough for so long that exposing theological biases and text tampering falls on deaf ears mostly.
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