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Default Re: The book of Enoch, the cover up and the truth hidden by the church

Originally Posted by Moxie View Post
Do Not place your bet on the bible....
engage the Heart not the mind...

One can challenge words/names like El, God, YHWH, Allah, Lord, Jesus, Yashua/Jeshua etc etc.... the point is????

engage the Heart!
The heart knows that all people and sentient beings are of the Source, the same One source.... lost, stolen, or whathaveyou...

anyone want to argue that there is more than one source?
Is that not the real question?....

these densities and dimensions are all interesting fringe questions that engage us.. yet... truly, what is the point if there is not
Unity... is there one source or not?
That is the question...
then, if that is so

the critical question is........... ta da ...... are you unconsious?

I hope this link grounds you if your heart reads it

Yes there are agendas going on... but James' message cuts through, considering that you may be utterly, if honest, lost, as what to think or believe.
Just read the interview! thank you

Take back your power...
if you read carefully what James actually says you will see that he says that there is a creator and creator race.

I don`t believe everything I heard from James.

But you ask here very important question and that is why we do pay attention to certain beings.

I ask you, are you a person or a conscience?
Can people talk with you and interact with you?
Do you have a name?

Also can`t you see that creator has a name too?

Just follow the simplest logic there, the one who created all named himself YHWH meaning I AM ... meaning that he is only one that always IS and all other can be relative.

Also everything around us just screams with evidence of creator ,his unlimited force and unlimited wisdom ,power,justice and love.

One of the most finest things a man has made is computer chip and when you try to comprehend it you see it took a lot of time,thinking and actual work to get it done. Decades passed and now we have chips so small that it`s fantastic!

Also look at one single airplane .Millions of parts mutually connected in order that thing could lift of the ground and take people somewhere.

For all that someone had to invent that, think about that and actually work on that. And no one ever dares to question does an airplane has a maker who is intelligent,did just pure conscience or force or power created that plane for public use ...or SOMEONE had to actually sit down and do it from his mind ,then paper board, factory and actual putting together with labor to produce the airplane.

SO if no one dares to ask that question, how come everyone dares to question IS THERE INTELLIGENT CREATOR of the universe, humanity,Earth and other things???

Did pure conscience or source or else created Earth ,so precisely balanced in Space? Did some force created life and plants and animals and us?
Did conscience or force or source shaped all that?

Or there was a Creator who took unimaginable amount of time to think about, act and do make all that we see here and vast space and all in it?

Did some force or conscience randomly started to create or you find a mathematics wherever you turn around in Earth and Space?
Mathematics that is so superior that not all world computers and all humans together can match it?

Did it all happen spontaneously everywhere because some force just pop up and started expressing itself???

Or it was THE CREATOR ?

Questions can go on and on, answers are here, but people run away from them.
Turn around you and look at the nearest tree... If you start to analyze it ,it would take you years and years and probably you won`t know all the details connected to that single tree.

And we as humans are way more complicated than that.

We were given free will as a gift from Creator , we were given life, we were made according to YHWH`s image and he promised us glorious future as we are his children.

Stories like in this thread are misleads.
Sure you can think what you like,and believe what you wish but truth is not changed because one or every single human think and believes that YHWH is Sirian ET from 7th dimension or that we do not need to think, we need just to feel.

If we needed just to feel and on that way to comprehend universe around us, then a mind and a brain would not be necessary to humans, we`d have just hearts... but wait a second... hearts are organs in our bodies... Actual heart is IN our mind...

Point I want to make is that we have been blessed with many things and we should use it all and not sporadicly using stuff as we so please.

As for Bible and its validity... There is not a single book on this Earth which took that much scrutiny and testing to prove or disprove it.
And as long people are trying harder to disprove Bible, it goes all the way round proving itself accurate to the very word.
Whole universities are existing in order to know all connected to Bible.
Scholars after scholars are there who are living proof with their works about Bible and its accuracy.

But the problem lays in people`s ignorance. NO matter how many times you prove Bible , you will always find new Bible bashers and non believers.
That`s ok and humans have a right to do so but it does not change the fact that Bible is what it is- a word or Creator.

You can call it a lie, a mess up or worse.
But that`s just you-it does not change the fact of its divine inspiration and huge amount of facts yet to be discovered in it.

Recently I stumbled on a study about Bible and start systems in space.
Under our very nose you can find whole new universe of knowledge about Star systems and many other things carefully hidden in the Bible.

No wonder why Bible was and is the most persecuted book in the humanity`s history.
No wonder why Church was not allowing translation of Bible up until recent centuries...

And that famous statement again, I repeat again...BIBLE IS NOT ABOUT RELIGION...
A man has made religions, usurped some info from bible, heavily distorted it and made religions.

And that was and is huge turn off for people against Bible because they connect it with church.

Message in the Bible is as far away from Religions and churches as day is far away from night.

But again, we have eyes to see and ears to hear and mind to think and heart to understand and soul to be humans...
I always wonder why we are not using any of it now...
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