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Default Re: Free computer help here!!!

Originally Posted by mudra View Post
Thank you Majorion ,

I don't seem to have that key on my keyboard.
In the work program I can insert it as a symbol
But that does'nt work in my post reply screen
Any other tips for me ?

Love from me
Well its good that you can at least insert the [brackets] using one of the buttons in the "compose post".

But it still doesn't work?

Have you made sure the video number is accurate? .. you must NOT include/copy "XJ0_VU5Kqyg&feature=topvideos"

See the part in bold, do not copy that part.

I think you already understand this, but just to make sure.

This is an example of how do it exactly:

HTML Code:

The result:

It will be blank (white square) if you make even the slightest mistake with the video number.
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