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Default Re: Mass awakening VCD/DVD project

Hey Shiftmonkey,

Sounds like a wonderful idea! Here are some videos which might inspire you...


An introduction by David Wolfe on Super foods like Goji berry, Cacao, Marine Phytoplankton, etc... Some very interesting stuff, only too bad the man is selling his products and these videos look like one big promo clip...

(part 1)
(part 2)


Building superadobe eco-domes:

Turning Air into Water

Hereís a mute video on the process:


I once attended a lecture of Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) who teaches/preaches sun gazing, a very powerful spiritual practice to improve physical and mental health. If practiced for a long time and strictly according to the guidelines, it is even possible to live only on sun and water.
(on 9:47 he starts to explain the process)

Hereís a video and some copy/paste comments from Cari Kindl who keeps a log on her experiences with sun gazing:

Sun gazing assists in activating the pineal. The buzzing is the sound of the electromagnnetic field being generated around the Pineal. It usually happens just before you doze off. The EM field blocks out linear reality so you can see true reality~energy. Hence the DMT trippy experience. This is where you want to stay lucid and not go into deep sleep. You will actually be more rested when you come back than if you were sleeping. You control your states of consciousness. Key to everything.

Pineal is the seat of the soul. Merkaba is your light vessel for teleportation. Spin torsion generates EM fields that alter time and space. It is like google earth. When you have your cooridinates and you know how to activate the merkaba via chakra balancing upper and lower chakras implode into solar plexus and literally take you where you want to go. Watch CONTACT with Jodie Foster. Carl Sagan knew this. He was treading careully due to being under close watch by the elite. Crazy?

A little off topic, but I also like her stance on how we are/could be distracted from the Truth (even with our broader understanding of conspiracy theories):


Masaru Emoto's messages from water: how does it react to Beethovens ninth symphony?

Another experiment with salt and high frequencies:


This video sums up 7 practical tips to raise your vibration

Next, a laughing meditation with Alan Watts, though itís only audio. I do hope youíll use this one, itís funny and itíll get you in a higher vibration immediately!!!

Good luck and lots of inspiration!

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