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Default Re: The Great Gathering...Miriam Delicado...Hopi Message

Originally Posted by TempestGarden View Post
Well, I listened to the rest of it...

Talk about missing time! I am missing the time that I instead spent listening to this broadcast.

There was really nothing of substance here, even when the people started to call in. The gist of it is that we need to respect the Hopis, they will come forward at some point to tell us "more" and that basically 2012 was not a time for "doom and gloom". That was pretty much all I could gain from it.

I could have told everyone those things. Maybe I should be a guest on Coast to Coast.
I unfortunately feel the same as you do. I wonder all the time why I waste so much time waiting to "hear" something of value

She does talk on and on and nothing of value comes out. What a pity because I think she knows more
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