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Default Monetary reform archieve

Dear Frends !

I wanted to open an database or archieve were you can found in one place
a link and mayby little knowledge about differend monetary reform thinkers.

I propose that if you found something intresting and want to discuss with others about it you open a new threat or write in monetary reform threat
which is open for that also.

What kind economy, monetary system and sociaty we will have, is yet to be seen. Change is needed and we have to take that resposibity in our own hands.

So, for those who are interest in brainstorming about these matters
can use this base for inspiration.

First person i want to intoduce is mayby one of the most radical thinkers.

Many say here that in the future we will have an sociaty were there is no more money as we know today but something else...

Well, here you have a person who have and idea of what kind system that
could be. He has developed his ideas from how he sees an economy, an accounting system...

He is Thomas H. Greco, Jr. a community and monetary economist, educator, writer, and consultant.
I encourage everybody to look short interview series in his ideas and visit in is webside were you can download some powerpoint slide shows.

Part one

Part two

Part three

And his webside

Love and ideas!
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