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Default Re: The adamantine particles - the sacred magnetic heart

I'm going to Pull this from 1950's memory... I've got Total recall; just don't have instant recall. Here Goes...

Para-psycholgy has proven that the transmission and reception of thought is
possible and a scientific fact. The Information Field is the result of a developed
ability to awaken the nearly dormant consciousness to thoughts existing
thoughout all time. Nothing can be thought of that has not been thought before
The principles of radio, TV, electricity, flight, all modern things existed in the
time of Plato and Columbus. All the principles of everytthing that can ever BE
already exists in the infinity of Our Universal consciousness.

The ability to penetrate the Mind requires practice. In practicing the act of
awareness I found that Intelligence exists throughout the Universal Programming.

Thinking is Not something One Does. Thinking is the Act of becoming Aware
of what already exists. One does Not TRY to THINK to become aware. One
only has to remove ' their ' thoughts, and then the Programming of the
Universe [the Information Field] rushs in to fill the void.

To Me, One must understand himself/herself, FIRST... Then, they may understand all the others...

Atoms compose all things. " G " or G Force; the Masons " G "...
The light found in all compositions of all atoms. "G" light is Our Creative Intelligence.

Our earth IS an electron of our Sun, traveling in its orbit of a negative field
It is rotated by the band of " A " and " B "... light forces, equal to the
earth's diameter. Prior to the formation of individual atoms, the " A "
and " B " lines of LIGHT force had to have or contain the correct amount
substance particles..... Let's look at two (2) lines of force " A " and " B "...
These two lines of oppositely charged light cross' each other at 90 degrees,
insulated by "G"
lines of Intelligence [consciousness;Universal Mind]; infinite consiousness.
They cannot be brought into induction where they cross unless they are
mated. In order to give birth to Hydrogen. In order to give birth to an atom
of Hydrogen, the " A " and " B " line must conform to Species. The Law reads
" each after its own Kind ". The " B " must contain the same number of
particles per inch as the " A " does. And, everything must vibrate at the same
frequency. The " G " force...

The Information Field ... Consciousness... " G " Force. vibration...

That's what I remember from back sometime in the 50's....


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