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Default Re: The adamantine particles - the sacred magnetic heart

Where do the lessons come from?

The inspiration for these lessons comes from several different sources. As I explained, most of the information comes from my conversations with the Psychic Children we have been working with for the last two and a half years. They have offered invaluable support. Also, some of the exercises come from my experiences with the Emissaries of Light in the mountains of Bosnia in 1995.

Finally, over the last three months we have been sharing "The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking" course with over 25,000 people. It has been, without question, the most powerful program we have ever offered through the Beloved Community. The 33 lessons were inspired by an experience I had earlier this year when I felt the energy of Jeshua (Jesus) during a visit to the Dead Sea in Israel. I do not claim that the Spiritual Peacemaking lessons have been channeled, but I do believe he has inspired the heart of each one. In that sense, we have formed a kind of Divine Partnership, and it has proven to be profoundly effective. I am explaining this because I have decided to use this same format in writing the lessons for this new free course. They will be written in the voice of Jeshua, and I sincerely believe that he will be with each one of us when we read them. These lessons give a new definition to our traditional understanding of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, one that is universal and i mminent. It is now up to each one of us to step into this reality, and this, once again, is the true goal of this course.

I am overjoyed and profoundly excited to offer this new information. It is a continuation of all the teachings from the Spoonbenders Course, as well as from the Emissaries of Light themselves. I hope you are moved by this information, and that it brings you closer to realizing that you are an enlightened being this moment. You are so needed right now. Thank you for answering the call.

In Peace,
James Twyman

Love from me
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