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Default Re: Underwater City found in Caribbean!

Originally Posted by Majorion View Post
Keep in mind that over the millenia the Earth has changed and shifted and continents separated. Even if Atlantis were one very specific large piece of terrain, over thousands of years it will become scattered around the globe. Logically you'd find pyramids and cities under water, and perhaps even find remnants on land in very far away places from each other. All this would extend, depending on how a long a period; geologically, to almost every place on Earth.
That is correct. Atlantis was more then one Island in the Atlantic. Atlantis is specific to the Atlantic region. The Pacific Region would be the civilization of Mu. Then the north and south poles you had Thule and Hypobonea. Then there was Rama in India, Yu in China, and a few others. Atlantis was just one region or country that existed back in ancient time. The Atlanteans may not have called there civilization Atlantis. I have heard the names Atlan and At-el from some of the native cultures of the regions.

My thing is... it makes sense that Atlantis is in the Atlantic ocean. Makes me wander how they named the Atlantic ocean. There is only 1 letter difference between Atlantic and Atlantis! Makes me laugh when people have this theory of Atlantis being in the Pacific. Then it would be called Pacificantis! LOL

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