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Default Re: Breaking news: Christopher story: Signs of an end-game showdown with washington

Sure seems like things are coming to a head, the American people haven't been doing a good job of policing our own government and the moment we rise en masse they'll squash us like bugs...which they're posturing to do right now. The international community is fed up with us and the Chinese are tired of haarp attacks, warfare, genocide through chemtrails and financial fraud while they're paying for it all!

If it's true, when this goes public we'll see all kinds of social discord...they'd be better off with disclosure first! Think the public will react much better to that surprise than when they learn we've been bankrupted, sent to the poorhouse and are lined up concentration camps for Mandarin 101 class in preparation to go to work for our new boss's from Asia...if you think it couldn't happen think again.

I recently read that the Chinese army already has hundreds of thousands of troops or more in America in underground facility's across America, as well as countless scores of international regiments. We are literally sitting ducks...


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