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Default Re: Are Chemtrails Increasing in the U.S.?

Originally Posted by GoingToFast View Post
Have you ever considered the possibility that these Chemtrails may not be an evil thing but instead a life-saving thing , what if the Sun has gone into overdrive for some reason , how would we protect ourselves....well an obvious answer would be to try and SHIEALD ourselves from the strong rays.... and how would we do that.....

By now we have all witnessed the warmer weather, maybe its not the CO2 that's to blame but instead the sun that's gone into overdrive.....

It's just a thought...
For myself, I guess I have the overall view that it's unlikely that the chemtrails are for the good of humanity because we know who is running the show and nothing else they're doing is!

Dr Bill talked about the sun and I tried to summarize what he said in this post on the "New Camelot Interview of Dr Bill Deagle (15 Nov 2009)" thread.

The warmer weather? Aren't we getting a cooling trend now and the talk is about gradually entering an ice age?

I don't know!
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