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Default Re: Breaking news: Christopher story: Signs of an end-game showdown with washington

Originally Posted by EYES WIDE OPEN View Post
Goodwin has claimed that Saint Germain has come down from heaven to physically meet with heads of banks and world leaders regarding the NESARA announcement.[33][34]
Thanks Eyes Wide Open for the brief about Nesara. I remember I read long time about such thing.

Anyway, we should be sure that any messenger from God, being him angel, spirtual being, EBE, etc they will no need us, nor our direct intervention or us messing around their work, for anything. Just God is needed from us, to start such action is a lot of pure and sincere request from the souls of many people asking for His help to put things in order. We then, somehow we will be involved in some issues, that will not be by our will, just in the end we saw it has been served the high purpose we prayed God for His help!

These are my 5 cents about this issue!

Going along: Very nice maneuver these RATS and SNAKES using all over the world:

The fraud consists of a ‘smoke and mirrors’ operation whereby such debt is ‘guaranteed’ with US Treasury guarantees which, as previously stated, are encashable. What this means in practice is that the ‘guaranteed’ ‘private’ debt with the Fed is fraudulently converted into PUBLIC SECTOR DEBT that will have to be paid down by generations of Americans into the future.

They did same trick all over the places, meaning put the private debt, produced by some private corporation and entities ("theirs") onto the public debt, meaning the people's to re-pay debt, by these kind of scams.

You will see how Argentina and other South American countries have been scammed into pay for things they never benefitted:

Here is English Translated of Memorias del Saqueo (by Fernando Solanas in 2003), movie here is trimmed to the point when "they" are stealing the oil and gas resources from argentinians:

Here is the complete version (but unfortunately is not in English, be sure, you will understand whatever language you speak; as you will see human like you and me, in front of dehumanized beasts, no many issues need be understood)

After you will see this movie and possible cry, you will swore you will fight these b@stards, if you still are a human.

The same methods applied now into Romania, when the whole 20 billions they loaned from IMF and World Bank, all these money ,never went into Romania National bank, not a cent, but went to pay for the debts of the foreign banks in Romania, which are more than 85% from romanian banking system. All these billions will be reimbursed by romanian people, by massive increases of taxes, fees, after a deceitful lying that they will not increase VAT, now after few months from the loan signed, all of them discussing in MSM how the VAT increase will improve things.

Really, now reading how in US they want to do these tricks, I can confirm they are doing same strategy all over, people look to this movie to learn how the mechanism works. Because I also know the language, is so similar with Romanian, I was very touched by this movie.

We must fight these b@stards, there is no back or sideway! We must stand them! Period!

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