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Default Re: Breaking news: Christopher story: Signs of an end-game showdown with washington

Sounds like those "Gold" tungsten bars didn't go over so well

Interesting to see that NESARA is finally being put into practice now that the Western Cabal is on its knees and weakened to the point that they have no choice but to lay down. Many of the 2004-2005 entries from referred to the eventual purpose of NESARA, which is the very thing being described in this news.

Could be that the international cavalry has arrived to finally level the international playing field. Also could mean an extremely bumpy road ahead.

Whether this news can be substantiated or not, I'm not certain. However it definitely makes sense in this climate. If it isn't happening now, it will happen sooner or later.

IF this is true, you will start to see a graduated sell off in the market over the next 2 weeks while holiday optimism is up, then leading to a major decline into late Jan through Feb, where the crisis will be evident on all fronts in the public... then the crash hits, which will mark the slaying of the beast and total insider chaos. Could stretch out through late spring... just depends on how much time they are allowed to squirm.

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