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Default Re: Prepare to live, Prepare to die

Originally Posted by Theresa View Post
I've helped people transition in a healing capacity, and I've talked to more soul's who have crossed over than I can remember, and spirit has also said, and Hiram posted an AMAZING account of how the pineal works that scientifically explains this, but all those sources together say the same thing: at the exact time of death, and for some hours, days or even weeks before, depending on the circumstance, there is no fear or even pain.

I believe that to be true. What I AM afraid of is leaving my kids-that's my only fear, and that too, I know, is illusion, and even that, as many after-death accounts substantiate, is alleviated then too. The only thing people do report is that their "purpose isn't yet accomplished" but not fear. Not even of leaving loved ones.

Yes, a man dies happy when he has fully discharged his responsibilities to the best of his ability. I counseled with a dying patient who would not leave until I reminded him that his wife and house and car and sons and grandchildren would all continue on very well without him. He left within 24 hours.
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