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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Originally Posted by BROOK View Post
Where have you confirmed this information? and of 6 billion..7000 + will ascend...what of the rest?

Is that where the possible time line split you speak of occurs?
Over 7000 up until now. It'll be all of us eventually, but over 7000 have now ascended without going through a death cycle. That's what's unique about this figure. the actual number who have ascended via a death cycle would be enormous by now, but I haven't heard any figures. The shift occurs when a certain number of beings are able to reach and hold a certain frequency which matches the frequency of other factors in play at the same time.

The timelines don't split and it's either or. It's both, and then more. It's thought that the Other timeline will simply fade out of the other ones existence. Over time.

But time is now collapsing. The apparency is that it's speeding up. but that it's stretched out into past and future in either direction. past and future are both contracting in the direction of now. it's not known (by anyone) exactly how this will play out, because we are doing it.

But the likelihood is that those who embark on one timeline or another will simply fade from one anothers awareness. Like the ascenders and strugglers. they'll become less and less aware of each other, (after they are done looking oddly like each other) until they find themselves no longer even noticing each other or ending up in the same places. Eventually they'll have a hard time even remembering each other. The new timelines will come complete with new "pasts" which will have only vague impressions of what existed on the timeline we have selected for ourselves. This has already happened several times for many of us. Do any past occurences seem almost surreal now? Like did that even happen?

The billion plus came first from following the plans of the controllers with their eugenics programs. Then Clif High in some recent releases said strong indications of a billion to one and a quarter billion dead was growing in the language. Since I was aware that some goodly number of people on earth now were not likely to see this all the way through, I asked The 9TH dimensional Pleiadian Collective, who have given me tons of brilliant advice said that yes, that number range was in line with what they were seeing as a strong probability, although nothing is set anymore. anything is possible, but I look at how tenaciously many are holding on to the old time line, and I don't doubt that it would take a miracle to rewrite these probabilities.

I don't see it as a negative. If people want out, I'm not going to begrudge them the decision. I'm completely at peace with their decisions, even if it involves less interested members of my immediate families. To each their own. And something will be "arranged" for them, whether it's disease, war, famine, accidents, natural disaster, or whatever.

Then as the shift continues to unfold, those who are solidly in any divergent timelines, will simply end up in a different place on the other side of the shift. And to me, this is really the main concern. We have such an amazing opportunity to reach so high in so short a time, that it would be a shame if too many opted to take the long way home.

The different dimensions closest to us are not absolutes. There are 3rd, 4th, and 5th existing in a great many shades of gray. The highest reaches of the 3rd is almost identical to the lowest reaches of the 4th, except that a few of the denser and more polarized aspects of the 3rd are gone from play and time is not perceived the same way. And the top of the 4th has many aspects of the 5th available to it, except that form is still part of the structure and in the 5th it is not. At least not recognizably so.

What scares me a bit is the idea that too much work left to do on a personal level would mean arriving in the lower 4th on the other side of the shift. That would mean having the thoughts and issues we have now, but without time to spread out the law of attraction. You think it, and it manifests now. consider that!!! would you want what you think to manifest now? Just think, you're driving along and someone cuts you off, and you think, "what an a**hole". You get the idea. Manifesting now is much more desirable if you have your issues behind you and are in control of your thoughts and desires.

You've got to remember that all of this is best guess and highest probability stuff, because Nothing is set. No timeline is selected. No exact template for this shift/ascension is put in place. All options are open, including having all of this change completely, except for the fact that the 3D game is at it's end, and the universal wish is that it be put to rest for more harmonious and loving ways of carrying on with our various explorations. 12th dimensional archangels and ascended masters don't even know exactly how this will happen in the end. And they all say so. they talk only in probabilities and potentials.

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