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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Originally Posted by Swanny View Post
Mess??? Some of us like the thing you call a mess
You can't just walk into a forum and decide that it's wrong and not what you want it to be
I have been here for a year now..and with the good comes the bad...It's all in what you allow yoursef to see.

I personally have run into blatant racism, follow me I'm the leader..and self proclaimed "indigos" that are in indigo that I would perceive would say the things that they do..and have such a narrow vision.

I have also seen bright minds leave for these vary reasons...there was a young man here..brilliant..and he left due to racist mentality shown on the forum. He was more then uncomfortable with it.

So you see Swanny...there are those who love the group...the core group..and then there are those here who would disrupt it..and have been doing a very good job at it...keeping us from the truth..diverting the direction...I have seen it too..but choose not to buy into it..and that is what I believe Lionhawk is conveying here.
My opinon only for what small weight it's worth you guys

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