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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Update, Today 9/21/09

52 Species stationed around the Earth

430 Total Ships at this point

I have also been told that there is one particular species that is kind of like the logistical organizers or something like that. They are called the Pasarions. Last night I asked the Pasarions to show me in a lucid dream what they wished to convey to me.

The dream was quite interesting. First is started out as I was watching a video game of exotic cars racing down an unstable road. Next I found myself standing in a creek or river bed and all of the cars came crashing off of the end of a bridge that had been washed away. All of the cars where expensive exotic cars and they all landed in a pile.

Next I found myself using my oribital polisher on the side of a 18 wheeler and quit polishing it for some reason. Then next I was on an old dirt road that was surrounded by canals like the ones I grew up around in South Florida.

I was now standing on this road with my polisher (I have an electric car polisher) and foud myself trying to polish a dirty old black and white caprice cop car. I got a section done and it was like all dirty because I was just grinding the dust into it. So I went to take a bucket and wash the dirt off of the area. I went to go over to the canal to get some water in the bucket and a water moccasin (poisonous snake) came flying out of the water and landed in the bucket, end of dream.

What I took from this is that the exotic cars represented the rich elites that are racing down a dangerous road and are headed for a huge crash and burn. Then the old cop car represented justice and the snake represented knowledge. So they where showing me that justice is going to come by way of knowledge, the knowledge will clense the earth with justice.

Get it, they where trying to get me to get the cop car (justice) clean with the snake (knowledge) instead of water.

So in conclusion there is going to be knowledge unleashed that will clense the planet and send the rich power monger elites crashing off the road they have been on for so long and the vehicles they have been using for carrying them down that road will be totaled. I really like how the Pasarions tied my love for cars and shamanism together in this dream. Very clever of them. I took me all day to figure out the symbology.

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