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Default Re: John Lear

Originally Posted by Bill Ryan View Post
Hi, All:

Henry Deacon sent us a stream of 32 e-mails while watching our recent 4-part John Lear video in real time.

He remarked it was "80% accurate" and that "John's guesswork was good".

One part he states John got wrong was the holographic explanation for the WTC planes. Henry asserts these were real aircraft, remotely controlled from thousands of miles away, a fact he was told in briefings and which was consistent with his own hands-on experience. I have talked personally with Henry about this and I am convinced he is correct. The planes were real.

There WAS video trickery and fakery on 9/11 news reports, however - which has caused a lot of consfusion among well-intentioned anlalysts.

(For more on Henry Deacon's testimony on 9/11, click here)

Henry also said that John was incorrect about there being a breathable atmosphere on the moon: there is one, of sorts, but it's extremely thin.

We interviewed John because he does have some excellent information, has been very unfairly treated elsewhere, thinks right out of the box (which we always enjoy) and has done a huge amount to spread awareness and information dating right back to the late 80s, when he was highly influential.

His Bob Lazar stories, recounted in detail to Camelot with piles of original documentation (not all of which we were able to record on camera) are both highly entertaining and very important.

We've invited him here, and hope that we'll see him posting in due course. ('King Lear' is not him!)
To be honest, Bill, I can easier believe Lear who I can see is a real person, than Deacon who kind of hangs about in the shadows. I understand why HD may have to stay incognito but do you trust his word over Lears's, or are you keeping an open mind?
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