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Default Re: John Lear

That is a fair assessment, John.

Look at Mercury for an example of this. There is ice in the polar regions, in the bottom of craters. One would expect Mercury to be thermodynamic enough that, given its relative distance from the Sun, it would have boiled off all traces of water/ice LOOOOONG ago.

Many people say "Well, it just evaporates and reforms when the crater is in shadow". Ok...where does the water come from? Once it melts, one would expect it to sublimate into space, never for Mercury to see it again. Yet, it hasn't.

I also wonder if EM must be present for gravity? In other words, if Planet X wasn't a bunch of crap (or Nibiru), could it languish in relative obscurity until it became close enough to our Sun for it to gain enough gravity to effect other system bodies?
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