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Originally Posted by johnlear View Post
There is life similar to ours on all planets and most of their moons and many, many space station/cities in the solar system. Many types look like humans many do not. So much is going on in our solar system, so much commerce, so much travel, so many activities by so many different types.

We are being fed downright unadulterated bs about all of our planets. The pictures you see of all planets are false. The pictures you are being fed and told are from Mars are from here on earth as were the photos from Pathfinder in 1997 which were taken in Death Valley.

The only gas giants in our solar system are NASA and its illegitimate son Jim Oberg, Chief Disinformation Officer (ret.)
Thanks John for your input.
Interesting .. I remember sitting up and waiting to four o'clock in the morning, before the images from Pathfinder finally were shown on BBC live. Now you tell me they where from Death Valley.. I feel cheated!!

Life on Pluto - hard to swallow, but I guess you never know the way NASA 's farting dissinformation..

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