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Originally Posted by king lear View Post
1-3 are very mysterious. 1st - no wings, 2nd - only one wing, very strange. But the 3rd is well known as the "pre-impact explosion" image.
But in the 4th image, the mounted missile could also been explained as a not retracted landing gear. Who knows which buttons they (the amateur arab pilots) had pressed.

Could it not be that "someone" filled the tanks of the planes, or any other parts in the plane, with thyrmite and then have let the arabs make the job.
Conventional thyrmite is a superfine powder.
That would explain why all 4 planes got totally incinerated.

I saw dr. Stephen jones making some experiments with thyrmite on steel and aluminum. The only thing that remains are tiny steel/aluminum pellets.
And he also showed how the reaction is if steel meets aluminum with a great velocity - ignition. He said that this reaction would not last to ignite the kerosine.

But perhaps the thyrmite which now, during the plane was penetrating the building, had direct contact to the steel structure.
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