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Default Re: Windsor/Essex County, Ontario

Hey Rumas. I've felt that way for awhile. Was hoping there was a better response in this area, but surprisingly no such luck. Some thoughts on the border and as you probably know, another bridge.

U.S., Canada to build new Detroit-Windsor bridge: Report

WINDSOR The United States and Canada will reportedly build a new bridge between Windsor and Detroit.

Citing unnamed sources, Radio-Canada reports the bridge will be built at a cost of $5 billion alongside the existing Ambassador Bridge.

The French-language network of the CBC says the site for the Canadian side of the bridge has already been picked and an official announcement will be made by mid-July.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is reportedly pushing to sign a final deal before U.S. President George W. Bush leaves office early next year.

Also, because of its closeness, expect that if anything happens, in and around Detroit, we'll have a lot of people migrating north.

I've also noticed that up and down Huron Church Rd. from the Ambassador bridge to the 401, there are cameras at each intersection which I failed to notice before. Now of course, the story goes the cameras are for traffic control but you wonder why so many and why at every intersection where there was none before.
cameras are reportedly offline for upgrades
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