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Default Re: Does anyone remember the last time it SNOWED in Austin Tx.?

Originally Posted by aroundthetable View Post

A powerful storm of historical proportions is aiming at much of the Northeast Thursday into Friday and will follow up to a foot and a half of snow through Wednesday over upstate New York and western New England.

Cities likely to be impacted by heavy snow for all or at least part of the storm include: New York City, Albany, Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton, Scranton, Allentown, Reading, Williamsport and Burlington.
There is a storm coming up today (it's already started) that is going to blanket VT in swow. Wondering if it's connected to the much bigger storm or if the date was off?

Regardless, definitely not going to be on the roads much.

Edit: Nope, it's definitely headed for this area. Yikes. I've survived many snowstorms so I'll buckle down as always and ride it out. I'm worried more about my family members up north of me.

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