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Default Re: Parody "I Don't Even Want To Be Alive Anymore" Rush Limbaugh

i know the last part of what i said was harsh, but it was more me being mad at myself for giving more credence to info ive come across on the web, when my gut says people are easily taken in and spread untruths easily.

as small as this was it, it was a wake up call for me to realize that my gut was right-my angry tone was because after calling attention to the initial blunder, and karen CHANGING the header to "parody" and posting a link to the onion, it was STILL being discussed as legit, so yes i seemed like a nut waving my hands.

didn mean to offend particular people but again like i said sadly this is indicative of the whole conspiracy world PC in particular, and reminded me that i should follow my instincts that 95% of what i read is way off and really not bother with forums and stick to the little research that i find interesting and not highly speculative realms such as this.

again no offense was meant, but yes, like cliff high's problem with bill- this is the same arena and issue, and its a big one and people need to be responsible for the well intentioned actions.

again the anger in my posts was really me mad at myself, i tried not to insult and name call, which is easy to do

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