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Default Re: Steven Greer's statement about UFOs not flying.

Originally Posted by Steve_A View Post
Since that era Greer has changed his tack (as have others like John Leer) and now beleives that ET can only be seen in a spiritual state, which in theory throws all of his old work under the bus, so's to speak.
I think this might be part of the answer. I have read a couple of accounts of people who claim to have paid to go on one of Greer's UFO encounters and it seems you have to be in the right state of "consciousness" to see much of anything, if you see what I'm getting at.

I have often wondered if Greer wasn't somehow 'gotten to' and is being manipulated either consciously or unconsciously by some sort of disinformation campaign. Certainly all the 'woo-woo' hasn't helped to further the serious acceptance of Ufology.

Greer's insistence in the existence of only benevolent aliens ignores the fact that any sufficiency advanced civilization could invade, occupy, pacify, and complete any program they choose without the immediate awareness of the invaded party. Also, it follows that an advanced civilization would seek its ends through non-violent, covert, or through means we simply don't have the facility to comprehend. Greer seems to believe he has ascended to some level in the evolution of his consciousness where he can't be lied to by his alien friends. I think that is a foolish and possibly fatal mistake to make.
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