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Default Re: West kootenay B.C

Hehe nope I don't consider it nosy at all starlah.

My plans and current situation in a nutshell..
I'm really experimenting with manifestation.
I took the leap so to speak, meaning I gave up what was my childhood dream career a few years back and decided to put my full faith in God, the Universe, and Earth, in the belief that if I work for Nature or what I consider Good the Universe will provide everything I need to sustain myself in one way or another.
I put an add up at various locations in craiglist explaining what type of place I was looking for and what my goals were. I got quite a few bites and ended up taken this place here in East Kootenys.
I got a beautiful 22 acre farm (renting) that I am now going to be turning into a oversized bio-geometrical vegetable garden. I also have plans to start a fresh fruit and veggie outlet with a raw food juice bar. I was fortunate enough to befriend the couple who started a successful juice bar where I last lived on the Island (Zen Zero), so I have lots of great and knowlegable help.
All i need to do now is to manifest myself a tractor and plow. But its in the works.
I plan on doing this for a few years with the goal of making enough to buy some property somewhere on the Globe where I can have a fresh garden though out all the year, perhaps Equador or France but I will focus more on the where as soon as the when comes about.

I love salmon arms! Even though I only briefly spent some time there while I was living in Kelowna years ago, but even that time was magical. Maybe we can get some great people together and rent one of those house boats and take the tour around the arms someday! Bliss or what?

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